Tank Girl

Volume 1


Publisher's summary Titan Comics

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into your kangaroo boyfriend’s testicles… you find out that your secret nemesis has been secretly growing there all along. Sounds like Tank Girl’s life, alright! The heavy-weapon honey with a mouth like an open sewer has returned! So, here’s what’s happened: Booga, Tank Girl’s marsupial lover, is near to death. To save him, she must shrink herself and her cronies down to microbial size, enter his bloodstream, clean up the mess, and be home in time for beer and snacks. But their Incredible Expedition goes horribly wrong when, deep in Booga’s scrotum, Tank Girl encounters her ultimate opposite: Anti-Tank Girl! There may be trouble ahead… Written by Alan Martin and with hyper-kinetic art by newcomer Warwick Johnston-Cadwell, this epic new collection proves it’s easier to get further with cute good looks, a tank, a kangaroo boyfriend and big steel-toed boots than just cute good looks. 2014 Jamie Hewlett and Alan Martin

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