V.2 - Spandex Special

Martin Eden

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Publisher's summary Titan Comics

The team heads to Japan on the hunt for a mysterious thief known as Neon, the fluorescent gay Ninja - and in the process, they somehow end up beating off legions of Pink Ninjas! Plus, tensions rise between Butch and Glitter; Diva and Liberty start to reveal dark secrets; and two team-mates end up getting it on - and you will never guess which two! Also in this issue - Japandex: Asian-inspired Spandex-related artwork from top indie comics talent, including Philippa Rice, Cosmo White, Martin Stiff, Paul Rainey, John Riordan, and lots more! ""Fresh and fun and gayer than every Bravo reality show rolled up in a rainbow and smashed inside an episode of Glee.... It almost made me fall out of my chair!"" Afterellen.com

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Volume : 2/7 - Spandex - Chapter 2