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V.12 - District 14: Season 2

Pierre Gabus  & Romuald Reutimann

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( 12 Volumes )

Publisher's summary Humanoids

A unique and addictive anthropomorphic mystery with an intricate plot and a fantastic cast of characters. PUBLICATION IN 12 VOLUMES - COMPLETED SERIES District 14: a labyrinthine megalopolis where humans, animals, and aliens coexist. A rotting Tower of Babel where anarchy and wealth commingle, where affluence and crime intertwine... It is amidst this vibrant urban landscape that a strange character, an elephant by the name of Michael, disembarks from an immigrant vessel. This mighty pachyderm barely sets his bag down when he is caught in a violent crossfire... Along with Hector, an opinionated journalist beaver, they come to form a unique and powerful duo, reporting for one of the city's sensationalist newspapers.

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Volume : 12/12 - The Last Zip-Line