Lady Hastings’ husband, Lord Byron, has set off in search of the mysterious treasure of Guayanacapac in faraway South America, leaving her alone in England. The young lady, left to her own devices and bored out of her mind, begins a number of romantic affairs. That is, until a member of her husband’s team returns with the order to sell all of their possessions to raise a fleet and she finds herself ruined. Given her limited prospects, she decides to join the hunt for the treasure with the help of a certain Long John Silver, a man with a mysterious past. A deadly quest to find the greatest treasure known to man thus begins in a story that takes place long after Long John Silver’s adventures with Captain Flint. In this magnificent and thrilling series, the authors, Xavier Dorison and Mathieu Lauffray, imagined what happened after Robert Louis Stevenson’s famous novel, Treasure Island. Don’t miss out on the adventure and take the plunge into the golden age of piracy!

4 Volumes
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