"Created in 1957 by Jean Graton, Michel Vaillant embodies an ideal: an honest, loyal, brave motor racing champion. A member of team Vaillante, founded by his parents, he is an exceptional driver who's always prepared to put himself in danger in order to help others, denounce an injustice or unmask cheats and crooks. Jean Graton, who is always well-informed about the latest technological innovations and very much acquainted with the world of racing circuits and teams, has developed a popular series, which to this day remains a reference through the generations for those with a passion for motor sports."


V10 Michel Vaillant

The Vaillant family seems to have no shortage of mountains to climb. Between developing new racing prototypes and navigating a change in leadership at the head of the company, everyone has their hands full. And that's before Michel decides to take on the biggest mountain of them all: legendary Pikes Peak in Colorado, home to one of the most celebrated and dangerous races in the world, a 14,000-foot climb at breakneck speed. Standing in Michel's way will be his old nemesis, Bob Cramer, who doesn't look too kindly on his French counterpart's attempt to conquer "America's Mountain." It will take all of Michel's grit and expertise to stay the course and come out on top.

V9 Michel Vaillant

French driver Daniel Farid, a promising young talent, is brought on by Vaillante to take the wheel alongside Michel at the World Rally Championship. They run up against stiff competition with the likes of Thierry Neuville, Sébastien Ogier, and Ott Tänak. But Michel soon realizes that his main adversary is none other than his teammate, Daniel, who seems to have joined Vaillante with one goal in mind: to send the veteran champion packing. Michel will have his hands full trying to contain the ambition of his young challenger, while matching his prowess on the road. And the stakes are high, as one false move behind the wheel could have devastating consequences...

V8 Michel Vaillant

The Vaillant family is struggling to pick itself back up following the loss of Jean-Pierre. For his part, Michel is determined to return Vaillante racing to its former glory. But when he is unexpectedly given the chance to enter the upcoming French Grand Prix with Renault, he hesitates. How could he possibly get back in shape, and learn an entirely new car, in just thirteen days? But it could be a golden opportunity for him, and Michel is not one to back down from a challenge. The clock is ticking, and the climb back to the top is steeper than ever. Can he regain the summit?

V7 Michel Vaillant


Just as Michel Vaillant returns to the top of the podium, he is brought down once more—and not by one of his usual rivals. Suspected of homicide in the death of his brother, Michel suddenly finds himself behind bars. He has no plans to rot away in prison, however, and quickly regroups. With the help of his son, he soon leaves his cell behind, which allows him to turn his attention to the other tasks at hand: returning Vaillante to its rightful place atop the racing world, and reclaiming the family business that has been stolen from them. And the Macao Grand Prix may just give him the opportunity to do both...

V6 Michel Vaillant


The Vaillant clan hits rock bottom when they are forced to bid farewell to one of their own. Torn apart by anger and suspicion, and facing the loss of their family business, can they find the strength to pull themselves up from the depths? With nothing left to lose, they will try to regain their standing in the world of auto racing by entering the 24 Hours of Le Mans, with Michel and his teammates behind the wheel of a revolutionary new Vaillante. If they play their cards just right, they might have a shot at the podium—but will it be enough to bring the family back together?

V5 Michel Vaillant


After a transformative business deal gone horribly wrong, Vaillante is taken over and dismantled. In the blink of an eye, the legendary company is reduced to almost nothing, leaving the Vaillant family scrambling to pick up the pieces and save their legacy. To make matters worse, Michel's brother, Jean-Pierre, is fighting for his life after driving his car off a cliff. Things can't get any worse for the Vaillant clan, and Michel himself has left the sport he loves—possibly for good. But racing is in the family's DNA, and means more for Michel than anyone. Can he find what it takes to get back behind the wheel, and get his family back on track?

V4 Michel Vaillant


The Vaillant family and Vaillante brand have made such a name for themselves by stopping at nothing to finish at the top of the podium, on and off the track. And Michel isn't the only one with grand ambitions—his brother Jean-Pierre has big plans, too. After months of planning, he's about to make his dream a reality: taking over Leader, the long-time Vaillante rival. But he's not the only one looking to make a power play, and soon the fate of his own company—and family legacy—will be hanging in the balance.

V3 Michel Vaillant


Just as his son Patrick parts company with the Vaillant clan in order to pursue his research into the future of automobiles, Michel has to prepare for the rough-and-tumble Valais Rally in Switzerland, his first race back after getting his license suspended. But the co- driver assigned to him isn’t going to make the task any easier, and not just on the race course…

V2 Michel Vaillant


Following the dramatic events on the track in Portimão, Michel Vaillant has been banned from racing until the end of the season. On top of that, he's increasingly worried about his son's involvement in a business that Michel feels is incompatible with their family values. To shake things up a bit, he decides to set himself a new challenge: taking on the land speed record with an electric car at the Bonneville Salt Flats. With the prestige of the Vaillante brand at stake, he's got a lot of pressure on his shoulders. Their sponsors are watching closely, and his father will accept nothing less than success, especially given his distaste for electric cars. It's once again make-or-break for Michel Vaillant.

V1 Michel Vaillant


Michel Vaillant is the star of all the biggest international auto racing circuits, and he's revving up for a whole lot more than just a spin around the block. The Vaillant team finds itself up against new technological innovations, as well as some disconcerting changes in the world of auto racing. The fate of the Vaillant dynasty is in the hands of three generations of men and women. The first challenge is to fight their way to the top on the race track, with their sights set on Formula 1. The second is to try to keep the family together, despite increasingly differing points of views. And it will be up to Michel to ensure their success on both fronts.

V1 Michel Vaillant

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In 1957, Jean Graton created the legendary race car driver Michel Vaillant, who was featured in a series of short stories published in Tintin magazine. These stories marked the beginning of a long-running adventure saga that continues to this day. This collection includes seven early stories that brought Vaillant onto the scene and made him what he is today. A fascinating look into the origins of a classic, with a vibrant retro style.

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