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C.2 - Styx & Stone

Adam Gragg  & Stefano Caselli

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( 4 Chapters )

Publisher's summary TidalWave

If the gruesome murder of a college student wasn’t bad enough, apathetic detective Mel Stone has to deal with monsters inside his own head…or at least a monster in the form of the criminal James Wyatt! After a scintillating visit from the fates, Mel is one step closer to uncovering the reason why he must share his body with Wyatt. Meanwhile, rookie Detective Claire Sanchez, determined to prove herself, prepares to dive right into the criminal underworld and finds herself right at the top. Is she in over her head? Is Mel really stuck with Wyatt for good? Find out in issue two of Styx and Stone!

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Chapter : 2 - Styx & Stone #2