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V.1 - Travel with Claws

Izabella Miklaszewska  & Piotr Miklaszewski  & Sulkovsky  & Edyta Ładuch

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( 2 Volumes )

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Volume : 1/2 - A paw written story

Publisher's summary Wydawnictwo Dookoła Świata

Isa, Peter & Snupek, the dog, have been travelling around the world for several years. They use hitchhiking, yachting and whatever else they can to keep going. One day they set off to find out what life is like for people in different corners of the globe. They wanted to find out what other people dream about, what they eat, what makes them happy and what they would like to change in the surrounding world. Readers get a one of a kind first-hand report on a journey with a dog. Animals, ventures, cultural diversity and the state of our planet are the main themes of this story. Isa and Peter run a popular travel blog called Podroze z Pazurem. But, before this, he was a law journalist, she was a graphic designer and Snupek, their dog companion, was adopted years ago from the shelter in Poland, their homeland. Now they are undoubtedly one of the most adventure- hungry teams on the planet. Enjoy this comic series called Travel with Claws as this volume, A paw written story, is only the prologue!

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