Ice King might be the pro when it comes to kidnapping princesses but he finds himself on the other side of things when he wakes up to find his faithful companion, Gunther the penguin, has been taken! It's a high flying adventure as Ice King looks for help in the wackiest of places, tries to be cool, and learns something new about himself along the way. Adventure Time storyboard artist Emily Partridge and writer Pranas Naujokaitis (Uncle Grandpa) weave an enchanting tale about friendship and understanding with illustrations by Natalie Andrewson that show the beauty behind ice puns.

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V1 Adventure Time: Ice King


What's to Love: The Ice King is probably one of the most tragic and hilarious characters in the Land of Ooo, but we've never had the chance to really focus exclusively on him before. Now we're taking a look at just what makes the Ice King tick!What It Is: Ice King wakes up one morning to find Gunter missing and a ransom note from someone called Dark Magister Templi Marble! Panicking over his sweet Gunter, Ice King goes to Wizard City to find help and discovers the coolest, most intimidating secret society of wizards who are also looking for Marble.

V2 Adventure Time: Ice King


Ice King turns to Marceline to help him become hip enough to join up with the cool wizards.

V3 Adventure Time: Ice King


Ice King is starting to fit in with the cool wizard group, but his friends can tell he's changing for the worst.

V4 Adventure Time: Ice King


Ice King and his "cool" new friends set off to beat up Marble with some evil tools.

V5 Adventure Time: Ice King


Ice King and his cool wizard pals make it to Marble's lair and a battle ensues.

V6 Adventure Time: Ice King


Final issue! Ice King discovers he was being used all along and gets ready to face off against the other wizards.

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