After the inter-family conflicts came to a most bogus head last issue, Ted’s brother Deacon has gone missing!

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Bill & Ted Save the Universe


They’ve conquered time. They’ve escaped Hell. But this time, Bill and Ted will have to put their most excellent heads together to survive an all-new adventure spanning the entire universe. Whoa! It all starts when the Wyld Stallyns are kidnapped by a bodacious alien and get handed over to their…long lost family? WHOA! The adventures continue as writer Brian Joines and artist Bachan, the non-non-non-heinous duo behind Bill & Ted Go to Hell, serve up a stellar saga of totally bogus and most triumphant in Bill & Ted Save the Universe.

Bill & Ted Save the Universe #2


The resistance has space-napped Bill, Ted, and Rufus!

Bill & Ted Save the Universe #3


The Wyld Stallyns have been found guilty of crimes against the galaxy!

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