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V.3 - Lone Sloane

Philippe Druillet  & Marc Bourbon-Crook

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( 5 Volumes )

Publisher's summary Titan Comics

Lone Sloane, the Ulysses of space, cosmic freebooter and galactic rebel, endlessly struggles against dark gods, robotic entities, and alien forces! Separated from his crew in the howling void of space, Sloane is captured and sent to a prison planet, where a mysterious dark entity has malevolent plans for him. Trapped in an alien dimension, warring against the very forces of life and death, Sloane is lost with no chance of escape! Can the ‘red-eyed wolf’ defeat the impossible and reclaim his freedom? Journey into the many-angled mind of comics legend Philippe Druillet as Lone Sloane returns for another unforgettable adventure!

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Volume : 3 - Lone Sloane - Volume 3 - Gail