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V.4 - Lone Sloane

Philippe Druillet  & Michel Demuth  & Edward Gauvin

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( 5 Volumes )

Publisher's summary Titan Comics

Born from chaos, Prince Yragaël is the last hope for Earth. Gods and demons stroll the land, attempting to enforce their authority on the Last Men once more. But Yragaël is not omnipotent, and falls prey to the queen of Spharain. From their union comes a son, Urm – a grotesque fool with the potential to redeem mankind, or to doom the Last Men forever. Journey into the many-angled mind of comics genius Philippe Druillet, creator of the legendary Lone Sloane! “Philippe Druillet is, and has always been, the master.” – Warren Ellis “Beautiful, mythical and cosmic.” – Nathan Wilson, ICV2

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Volume : 4 - Yragael & Urm The Mad