Achille Talon (Les Impétueuses tribulations d')

Immediately recognizable by his little hat, his cane and his somewhat rotund shape, Achille Talon has haunted the pages of PILOTE since 1963. His designer, Greg, has created a whole little world around this character: a charming residential suburb clubhouse, the annoying neighbour, the stuck-up fiancée, an amateur beer-brewing father, and a pampering mother. Achille has a big heart, an impressive intellect and a talent for conversation. Achille splits his time between the clubhouse and his writing activities for the newspaper POLITE. From 1977 onwards Achille Talon's adventures have changed pace: gag strips are slowly being replaced by long stories with many twists and turns, and Greg continues to excel in caricaturing all the well known characters of the comic.

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