V.2 - The Old Geezers

Paul Cauuet & Wilfrid Lupano

The Old Geezers - Paul Cauuet
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( 5 Volumes )

Publisher's summary Europe Comics

The Old Geezers and friends are back with a vengeance, protesting, detonating all manner of homemade bombs, shutting down trendy hipster bars, challenging the bread manufacturing industry, and planning fun mayhem. But Pierrot, our favorite anarchist, is heart-broken and depressed over the sudden reappearance of his long-lost love, and has vowed to find her at all costs after receiving a mysterious package in the mail containing a fortune in euros and her coded signature. It's going to take clever scheming on the part of a young new activist to set things right again and restore him to the wisecracking, crotchety old geezer his friends all know and love.

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Volume : 2/5 - 2. Bonny and Pierrot