"Silesia in the Thirties. Three inseparable children, Max, Werner and Hanna, share the same passion for aviation. But the echo of stomping boots and the sinister clatter of helmets can already be heard in the distance! The steel hurricane that will ravage all of Europe is about to force our trio to make some painful decisions. Can their friendship survive the ordeal?"

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V4 Bear's Tooth


In the last days of World War II, as the Nazis attempt a final, devastating strike, two childhood friends must pick a side...Allied bombers have flattened the secret base that housed the Amerika Bomber project, destroying the prototype set to annihilate New York City. They did not, however, manage to kill either Anna Reitsch or Max/Werner. And as it turns out, there is a second prototype, and the operation is still a go. Meanwhile, the Americans and Soviets begin a frantic race to poach the Nazis' top scientists...

V5 Bear's Tooth


A story of love, friendship, and betrayal against the backdrop of WWII. Volume 5 of the epic series.Nazi Germany is collapsing, and the noose is tightening around Fürtenstein Castle, rear base of the Amerika Bomber project. Even as the last SS special forces set up the guidance elements for the intercontinental bomber, the Soviet forces continue their advance. Anna, once a fanatical admirer of the Führer, is increasingly forced to face the terrible brutality of the regime she's defending. Meanwhile, Werner makes contact with a resistance cell...

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