The Oates & The Elphyne - The Oates & The Elphyne

The Oates & The Elphyne - The Oates & The Elphyne

The Oates & The Elphyne

Michael Walsh 129 pages
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The Oates family moves to their ancestral home in Newfoundland following a pair of tragedies.They arrive at their Grandmother’s house, where they reunite with their orphaned cousin. Shortly after... Read more




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  • 10/05/2022




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Ben, Lynn, and Beth Oates visit their grandmother in Newfoundland after their uncle’s passing. While there, they reluctantly accompany their uncle’s daughter, Jen, on an afternoon walk in the woods when Beth disappears. Ben, the oldest sibling, blames himself for this and goes back to search for Beth at night, followed by Lynn. The siblings find themselves in a fantastic land, a bridge between this world and the afterlife, called the Elphyne, and soon learn from the inhabitants that Beth has... Read more

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