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Cécil  & Corbeyran

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Publisher's summary Humanoids

A twisted tale of intrigue set amidst a retro-futuristic version of early 20th century France, a time known as the - Beautiful Era - but that proves far from it. PUBLICATION IN 3 VOLUMES - COMPLETED SERIES Eustache carries the heavy burden of a difficult past, including a lost childhood. He and his fellow cat burglar and partner, the diminutive Mouche, break into wealthy homes for a living. One day, they make a shocking discovery in the safe they have just cracked: the film negative of a "snuff film," a movie where murders are committed for real, to excite perverts. After this macabre surprise, a trail of death begins to follow the pair. Written and drawn by prolific European stars Corbeyran and Cecil.

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Volume : 1/3 - Butterflies of the Night