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V.3 - Bird

Carlos Trillo  & Juan Bobillo

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( 3 Volumes )

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Volume : 3/3 - The Face

Publisher's summary SAF Comics

The presumed dead Jobeth Benson -- who now lives as the bald, beautiful model Bird -- seeks revenge on her evil bastard brother Reg. It seems Reg and a Dr. Elzenberg knowingly unleashed a toxic, carcinogenic product onto the unsuspecting market. Reg has tortured, killed or driven insane anyone who was a witness or has gotten in his way. Including his own sister, Jobeth. Meanwhile, Bird's lover, Martin, has been blinded and paralyzed in an “"accident"” also engineered by her brother. Bird believes the only way to truly protect her beloved is to get rid of Reg. As she hunts Reg, he and his henchmen try to track her down. Bird has been haunting Reg's dreams and he needs to eliminate her, once and for all. Delving into the worlds of lesbianism, S&M, the C.I.A. and pyromania, SICK BIRD –- Book #3 takes us into a fascinating world of insane revenge.

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