V.8 - Dantès

Erik Juszezak & Pierre Boisserie & Philippe Guillaume

Dantès - Erik Juszezak
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( 8 Volumes )

Publisher's summary Europe Comics

As Christopher Dantes recovers in hospital following his brutal attack in the Ebony Coast, Marion Tagher is left to run his company, Pharaoh, in his absence. With the life of its founder in peril, the multinational's value plummets... leaving it wide open to a hostile takeover. Meanwhile, Isaac Doucouré and Lucie Mondran are still in Africa, determined to find the young man who has the murdered journalist Jean-Paul Beauchamp's notebook, convinced it will be the key to exposing the corrupt government and bringing Dantes's attacker to justice...

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Volume : 8/8 - 8. Toxic Truths