Lena - Lena 2. The Three Women

Lena - Lena 2. The Three Women

V2 Lena

Juillard André & Pierre Christin 60 pages
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5$ 99 Digital format
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The whole series - 3 volumes 17$ 97
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The whole series - 3 volumes 17$ 97
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The whole series - 3 volumes 17$ 97

Publisher’s summary Europe Comics

Lena thought she'd paid her dues to the French secret service. She'd gone undercover as their courier in order to avenge her son and husband, both killed in a terrorist attack. And now she has a new... Read more


Europe Comics


  • 2/3

Published on

  • 22/04/2020




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Reviewed by Esta
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Lena thought she was done with spies. She has met Rob and Danny who are truly part of her life, acknowledging they will never be her husband and son killed in a bombing in Khartoum. But the hydra of international terrorism never dies, old causes are recycled to serve new masters, and always, lives can and must be saved. Moreover, Lena finds herself unable to simply resume a quiet and ordinary life. She is asked to infiltrate an Islamist terrorist movement financed by Saudis and planning a... Read more
Reviewed by Batoy
User rating:
Lena, vol 2 is written by Pierre Christin, with artwork by André Juillard. This time Lena is recruited to infiltrate a group that's planning a terror attack on Paris. I felt this volume had a lot of the same weaknesses as the first one, but less of its strengths. It starts off promising, but soon gets excessively wordy and the storytelling slows down significantly. A bit less “tell" and a lot more “show" would have been nice. Maybe Christins literary ambitions got the better of him, and the... Read more

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