Undertaker - Undertaker 6. Salvaje

Undertaker - Undertaker 6. Salvaje

V6 Undertaker

Delabie Caroline & Ralph Meyer & Dorison Xavier 63 pages
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8$ 99 Digital format
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The whole series - 6 volumes 53$ 94
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The whole series - 6 volumes 53$ 94
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The whole series - 6 volumes 53$ 94

Publisher’s summary Europe Comics

After Rose Prairie leaves him, Jonas Crow sinks deep into a hole. That's when he's brought on for a special assignment by Sid Beauchamp, a friend in misfortune from his youth and now the sheriff of... Read more


Europe Comics


  • 6/6

Published on

  • 20/10/2021




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Reviewed by Esta
User rating:
"They didn't know it was impossible, so they did it", says the Bible According To Mark Twain, who could have addressed this verse as easily to the Undertaker characters as to the authors of this unwonted and now iconic classic western series. "He who sows the wind reaps the lead", sermonises Jonas Crow to Sid Beauchamp, the childhood friend with reckless abandon who once masterminded a bank robbery for the beautiful eyes of a rich heiress. His role in the White Indian's death at risk of being... Read more
Reviewed by Batoy
User rating:
At the start of this volume the undertaker and Salvaje are captured and at the mercy of Sid Beauchamp. But they won't give up without a fight. I liked this volume. It takes the story from volume 5 and brings it to the finish line in an impressive way. I think the key to the story is the fate of Salvaje. To see what happens to her is what keeps the reader hooked. Dorison skillfully makes her and Jonas underdogs to root for, and when the tables start to turn in the story it becomes a satisfying... Read more

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