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Humanoids Horror Sale
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Humanoids Horror Sale Until October 31th
Get in Halloween's mood with this special horror sale that will give you the chills for sure!

Discover this frightening experience and read the best of horror comics! Whispers In The Walls, Thousand Faces, The Book of Chaos...

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No one remains unscathed in this trilogy of mid-19th century-set interwoven tales exploring love, revenge, and death. PUBLICATION IN 3 VOLUMES - COMPLETED WORK An engrossing universe awaits the reader who dares go past the first page of this off kilter gothic saga, populated with a rich assortment of bizarre characters and haunting plots. Hints of Lovecraft and Poe abound as hidden secrets, the occult, succubi, spiritual séances, and repressed urges are interwoven in Frédéric Bézian's award-winning literary and spectacularly dark fantasy.
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