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The Survivors Special Offer Until December 17th

Read the new cycle of The Worlds of Aldebaran at reduced price! 

Discover again Leo's style in this story which takes place alongside the events of the Antares cycle. A group of colonists finds itself alone onboard a ship. All of the other passengers have died and all communication have ended. They will be forced to land on an unknown planet. Plunged into a dangerous world, the dozen survivors will have to face many threats. A young girl, Manon, will attempt to escape from this lethal trap …

During the early days of the colonisation of Aldebaran, the second colony ship is lost in transit with all hands, prompting Earth to abandon the project and strand the first wave of colonists. And yet, not everyone perished with the ship. A small group of survivors find themselves on a shuttle, headed towards an unexplored planet. Faced with the dangers of their new home as well as dissensions within the group, they soon discover they may not be alone…