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Tough Ladies Sale - 50% off Until March 18th
Right on time for National Women's History Month! 

For only half their price, discover powerful comics dealing with strong female characters and their fight for emancipation!

Tough Ladies Week as seen by
Augie De Blieck Jr.
From Pipeline Comics  

Isabellae, the red-headed Asian woman, leads “Tough Ladies” week with six volumes’ worth of adventure and fight.  She’s a bounty hunter who is accompanied by the ghost of her dead father, as she searches for her missing sister.

Along the way, she gathers a ragtag team to help fight off zombies, pirates, golems, druids, and more.  Her adventurous streak will take her across the globe, from Japan to Ireland. Sudden reversals from expected plots make this series one to read for its unpredictability and quick pace.

The first cycle of Mathieu Reynes’ “Harmony” is next, where the star of the book wakes up in a basement with no memory of who she is or what she’s capable of. The voices in her head and the objects she can suddenly move with her mind help to show her the way.

By the end of this first cycle of books, she’s helped disrupt an entire military experiment in creating superpowered teenagers, leading to an inevitable clash with an ages-old group of other powered people that were only hinted at in the first book.

It’s a beautiful book with a very modern look and feel.  

Diary of a Femen” is the most grounded of the books in this sale. This one features Apolline, who joins a Women’s Rights group after a particular rough week of being treated as an object at work, dealing with men on the train and in the streets, who are uncomfortably forward and then unspeakably rude, and a family that holds expectations of her that she doesn’t want to live up to.

When society feels like it’s out to get you, it’s time to fight back.

She joins the Femens, a real-life group known far and wide for protesting topless in the streets, shouting slogans, and disrupting events for the attention. It puts Apolline in an awkward place, dealing with the assumptions of her friends and family for what it means to be a “Femen.” Is it all worth it?

This book is based on real experiences from a lot of interviews and research by its author, Michel Dufranne. It is not strictly biographical.

Finally, there is “Giselle and Beatrice”, which is a funny and erotic album with a certain feminist leaning. When Giselle gets past up for a promotion because she’s a woman, she uses something she learned in a recent vacation overseas to get revenge against the man who took her job.

It asks the eternal question: Is it morally appropriate to abduct your co-worker, turn him into a woman, and then treat her as a house slave?  Somehow, this crazy premise works in a complicated and twisty tale that’s both bizarre and oddly heart-breaking in its own way.

A superpowered teenager, a red-headed samurai, a woman’s rights advocate, and a vengeful woman with a rare African root that changes two lives forever. It’s an eclectic assortment of stories that has something for everyone, and it’s all on sale this week in time for National Women’s History Month.

It's Japan 1192, seven years since the battle of Dan-no-ura that marked the beginning of the feudal era. It's also been seven years since Isabellae Ashiwara started roaming the country, accompanied by her father's ghost, earning a living by the point of her sword. And seven years that she's been looking for her long lost sister, Siuko. The time has at last come for this bounty hunter to face up to her past and take charge of her destiny.