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From Poland with Love - Special Offer 50% Off until May 31st
We propose you a selection of 14 great comics made in Poland, in partnership with Europe Comics!

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"Teraz komiks!” ("Comics now!"). The Krakow National Museum offers a retrospective of the polish comics history from 1871 to 2017. A first in Poland!
May 17 also marks the beginning of the biggest comics festival in Poland – Komiksowa Warszawa! The event is organized by Europe Comics partner Timof, in cooperation with the Warsaw Book Fair.

You might have heard of Marzi, a 7-year-old Polish girl who looks wide-eyed at the world around her: each volume is $2.99 only until May 31st. Many other comics are on sale, like Revolutions, the series Gaia or the beautiful graphic novel "Come back to me again".

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This is a dramatic graphic novel because it is about life. This is romance, because there is love. This is crime, because it's about mysterious death. It's also a graphic novel about dreams, because there is a lot of sleep in it. Come Back to Me Again is an emotional journey into yourself. This diary of feelings jagged by addiction. Alcohol addiction. Drug addiction. Love addiction. And life addiction. This story is about the continuous falling asleep and waking up. About daydreaming and life without sleep.