In a police station, a man is being interrogated. The cops want him to explain 'what he did to Carol'. The man - Polza Mancini, 38 years old, once a writer, now homeless - tells them his story, in his own words, in his own time. He will tell them how, when his father died, he was exposed for the first time to 'the blast' - a savage epiphany that allowed him a momentary glimpse of a world unfettered by limits or morality - and how that vision transformed him. It was a complete upheaval for this unhappy, overweight 38-year-old, who overnight decided to leave everything - his wife, his home, his job - in order to lose himself in nature. Far from the eyes of others, and from anything that might undermine his new self-image, he set off on a quest for freedom from absolutely everything. On a quest for the blast. This is the story of the desperate spiritual struggle of a man who has decided to live by his own laws. It is a tale of mental unbalance; a savage, epic journey; a profoundly disturbing thriller. Blast is woven from the delicate shadows of the human spirit, the stuff of dreams... and nightmares. 

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