Rika’s been kissed by her boyfriend’s best friend! Now, is she going to have to keep it a secret from Hajime? Why would Arata do something like that, anyway, when Hajime is the one he likes? While Rika’s head spins after this unexpected development, it seems that Arata is finally getting serious.






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V1 Cosplay Animal


For nineteen-year-old Rika, cosplay is her life! And as now she's finally out of high school she must bear the weight of an ambition she can’t share with anyone ... One day, she meets a high-school student who she seems to get along with on a dating site, and before she knows it, she’s arranged to meet up with him IRL. The only catch is that he still thinks she’s in high school herself. He's younger than her, but he also seems to be her type… Can she really dive into a relationship while she’s still cosplaying?! Plus: this volume includes three bonus side stories.

V2 Cosplay Animal


Get ready for handsome high-school boys and gay guys who recruit. Rika lives for cosplay, but it seems like danger lurks around every corner for her and her boyfriend Hajime’s relationship! For one thing, Hajime’s boss is gay and takes pride in his ability to convert straights. Then, when Rika and Hajime go on a trip, Rika finds herself forced to work for the inn they were going to stay at! To top it all off, Hajime’s best friend, Arata, seems to be jealous of their relationship! Otherwise, why would he be so harsh toward Rika? You’ll find loads of hot guys in volume two of Cosplay Animal!

V3 Cosplay Animal


It’s the Beast Prince versus Prince Meanie! And is that devilish owner trying to get in on the action, too?! Just where is Rika’s love life headed? Our lovebirds certainly have plenty to look forward to: from a cooking class to surfing lessons. Meanwhile, Rika just wants to fool around with Hajime, but Arata and the owner keep gettinåçg in the way, god damn it! She doesn’t want to let herself succumb to temptation, or get caught up in a competition. Experience the ecstasy of Volume 3!

V4 Cosplay Animal


Rika’s been kissed by her boyfriend’s best friend! Now, is she going to have to keep it a secret from Hajime? Why would Arata do something like that, anyway, when Hajime is the one he likes? While Rika’s head spins after this unexpected development, it seems that Arata is finally getting serious.

V5 Cosplay Animal


Both of the sexy guys who are after Rika are turning up the heat, and they just might be heading for a confrontation. This may be the “popular phase” people like to talk about, but if it is, she certainly can’t enjoy it! Neither Hajime nor Arata seems willing to budge an inch. Meanwhile, Rika just wishes they would pay attention to her feelings and not start a love triangle without consulting her. Buckle in for a wild ride in volume five!

V6 Cosplay Animal


Rika’s turning twenty, and that means it’s time for her coming-of-age ceremony! But as she takes the plunge into adulthood, it occurs to her that her cosplay fetish could be a little immature. Is Rika going to give it up, and how will Hajime react?

V7 Cosplay Animal


With Hajime out of the country, Arata takes his chance to try to steal Rika’s heart! Given the circumstances, Rika might just be lonely enough to give in… Could she be falling in love with him? And what’s going to become of her relationship with Hajime?

V8 Cosplay Animal


Rika makes a shocking proclamation: She wants to break up with Hajime! And just as he’s headed for the United States! Even if the two of them do make up, Rika won’t be able to erase her history with Arata… Was it out of guilt that she wanted to break up?! Plus, we get a peek into Arata’s broken heart. And new developments are afoot!

V9 Cosplay Animal


It's raining men again, this time in dashing lab coats and glasses! And as Hajime's absence starts to wear on her, Rika is having college classmate Soki press her more and more aggressively. It's a full- blown grown-up crisis for Rika -- and this volume features two special chapters depicting her from Hajime and Arata's point of view!

V10 Cosplay Animal


Soki, his true nature fully revealed, is engaged in a full-court press on Rika! Before her boyfriend Hajime returns home, she resolves to settle things with her college classmate—and, especially unravel the night she and Soki spent together. But when Hajime returns, Soki challenges him to a duel between men!

V11 Cosplay Animal


Rika can't wait to embrace her lover Hajime after too much time away from him—and she's got the perfect "tools" to seal the deal, too. But this rose-colored love life turns dark when Hajime is in danger of having to repeat a grade—and then their friend Arata ditches an important test out of nowhere! Does Professor Rika have what it takes to save these two not-so-ace students?!

V12 Cosplay Animal


With Arata's graduation no longer in question, the owner of Felice holds a big renovation and grand re-opening before exam season begins. All the outfits the men bring along for it floor Rika...but then she discovers a wedding dress in the back room! She can't help but try it on, but then she's approached by a handsome who turns out to be Hajime's father! But nobody could've predicted how his dress could've threatened Hajime and Rika's love...

V13 Cosplay Animal


Hajime's hospitalized father has gone missing. The gang searches for him, but it's Rika who discovers him attempting to burn his deceased wife's wedding dress. She tries to stop him, only to suffer serious burns, a mysterious piece of metal inside the dress scarring her palm... Feeling at fault for it, Hajime returns to the U.S. to help his father heal, asking Rika to break up over the phone. Where did this sudden request come from? To find out, we must look into the scars in Hajime's heart, scars he's borne since childhood...

V14 Cosplay Animal


It's the final volume—and the hero is Arata, whose second love is chronicled in a hundred-page short story! It all starts when the owner comes to Arata's place and drops off a lion...or a monster...or something. It turns out to be a girl in a pretty realistic costume, but despite a speech impediment, she proves deft at reopening old wounds. What happens when he finally faces up to Rika again? Also included: "Boys' Talk," a wild vacation story starring the boys of Felice—ending in a tear-jerking finale!

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