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V.4 - I Fell in Love After School

Haruka Mitsui

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( 8 Volumes )

Publisher's summary Kodansha

When summer vacation comes, Kao gets closer to Nagisa at volleyball training camp and at a summer festival! Kao’s feelings get stronger and stronger, and during Obon vacation, she suddenly gets a call from Nagisa inviting her out…?! She thinks she’s heading for a date, but instead it turns out she’s being asked to help out at a caf$(D+1 as a part-time job. As the two pretend to be dating, their feelings become more similar, but is something going on between Kuze-kun and Miki, who works at the caf$(D+1…? Haruka Mitsui draws a brilliant after school love! It’s the thrilling, heart-throbbing 4th volume!

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Volume : 4/8 - I Fell in Love After School 4