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V.6 - Living-Room Matsunaga-san

Keiko Iwashita

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( 9 Volumes )

Publisher's summary Kodansha

If only she never had to say goodbye. High schooler Meeko continues to pine for Matsunaga-san, the scary-but-kind designer whose room is across from hers. Not only do they spend a day at Kitneyland with each other, they unexpectedly spend a night at a…special…place as well. Afterwards, while preparing for her school festival, Meeko learns that her homeroom teacher Kobayashi-sensei is the “Konatsu” of legend…and that she and Matsunaga-san used to be in a romantic relationship. As complications unfurl, a previously reluctant Matsunaga-san and Ryo-kun show up to Meeko’s school festival! And what could this urgent text from Hattori-san be about…?

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Volume : 6/10 - Living-Room Matsunaga-san 6