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V.10 - Lovesick Ellie


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( 12 Volumes )

Publisher's summary Kodansha

All you thirsty girls out there, meet Japan's hottest boyfriend! Plain, fantasy-loving Ellie and Year 1 heartthrob Omi-kun's relationship continues. As they enter their second year, Ellie is freed from the shackles of her hateful (?) lewd thoughts, and enters a realm of pure love ... only for Omi-kun to be entered into a beauty pageant for high school boys by one of his classmates! In the meantime, Ellie is juggling being part of the intense Sports Prep committee, and her days busily fly by. When Ellie and Sara-chan go to support Omi-kun at the Tokai Regionals, they run into Reo and Ayaka ... together ... ?! You won't be able to tear your eyes away from Ellie and Omi-kun or Sara-chan and Reo-kun's escapades!

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Volume : 10/12 - Lovesick Ellie 10