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V.2 - Mr. Bride

Natsumi Shiba

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( 3 Volumes )

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Volume : 2/3 - Mr. Bride 2

Publisher's summary Kodansha

At 26 years old, Hayami is four years into her career as a saleswoman. She's an ace when it comes to her work, but at home she becomes a massive slob. It just so happens that Yamamoto-kun, her junior who carries a bit of a torch for her, is a pro at housework! As he starts to look after her, she makes a proposal: "Will you be my wife?" Thus begins their life together as housemates. As Yamamoto-kun puts on the pressure, Hayami is completely oblivious to her feelings. Will they end up nothing more than ships passing in the night...?! Keep an eye out for a new character appearing in this volume!

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