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V.4 - Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence

Hazano Kazutake

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( 5 Volumes )

Publisher's summary Kodansha

A cute but lazy saint and an overprotective, oblivious priest who is a good cook live together in a small, out of the way church. Please warmly watch over their relationship that never gets too close or too distant. The curtain has been raised on this unaware romantic comedy in a fantasy-tinged world!! It’s overprotectiveness vs. overprotectiveness! The saint cares so much for the priest that she secretly grants him holy protection after holy protection, and the priest cares so much for the saint that he does pretty much everything for her. In the fourth volume of the smash-hit oblivious romantic comedy, the sweetness gets even crazier!!

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Volume : 4/5 - Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence 4