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V.29 - Ace of the Diamond

Yuji Terajima

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( 34 Volumes )

Publisher's summary Kodansha

One more time, I’d like to pitch into that mitt … Eijun Sawamura’s life changed in an instant when he first met catcher Kazuya Miyuki. At fifteen years old, he says his farewells to his friends and goes to the famous baseball high school Seido High. There, he will find prideful players who have put it all on the line for baseball! The bracket stage of the Fall Tournament is finally here! The winning team will be seeded into next year's Spring Koshien. But Seido's first round opponent is previous National Champion Teito High, aka the Unconquered Legion! Teito's ace pitcher is a first year who can see into another dimension: Taiyo Mukai! Furuya engages Mukai in a fierce pitchers' battle, but will the endless rain wash away Seido's chances of victory?!

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Volume : 29/34 - Ace of the Diamond 28