Dust 8 - Dust 8 (Omnibus)

Dust 8 - Dust 8 (Omnibus)

Dust 8 (Omnibus)

Osamu Tezuka 422 pages
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Publisher’s summary Digital Manga Publishing

The Mountain of Life is where humanity and nature gained the strength to thrive from, a mysterious land formation powered with energy to bend the very laws of nature it... Read more

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  • 12/08/2021




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After a plane crashes onto a mysterious mountain, ten people survive: two teens - a boy and a girl - and eight adults. The kids wake up first, and start exploring - much to their surprise, they learn the only thing that keeps them alive are the shards of stone that lodged into them during the accident - because the mountain they hit is the Mountain of Life. But humans must complete their destinies, and after the kids die, the god of the mountain sends a spirit to take control of the girl and go... Read more

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