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Enjoy one month of the Premium subscription for free

Access a selection of over 1,800 albums, available for offline reading, on all of your screens, and without any commitments!

  • Number of reads *from amongst a selection of 1,800 albums
  • Number of simultaneous connections
  • Available on all of your screens PC, tablet, smartphone, Switch, etc.
  • Parental controls

Check out an extensive subscription catalog with over 1,800 albums

US and European Comics, Manga, Webtoons: there’s something for everyone!

Largo Winch eazycomics

Largo Winch

17 volumes



Valerian and Laureline eazycomics

Valerian and Laureline

23 volumes



XIII eazycomics


23 volumes



Sex Runner

24 episodes



El Niño eazycomics

El Niño

7 volumes


Action / Adventure

Black Op eazycomics

Black Op

8 volumes



Back to Basics eazycomics

Back to Basics

5 volumes



  • US and European Comics, Manga, Webtoons

    US and European Comics, Manga, Webtoons

    Access to over 1,800 albums from amongst the izneo website’s catalog

  • New albums every week

    New albums every week

    Adventure, Heroic Fantasy, Romance, Sci-Fi, Children’s: there’s something for everyone

  • A new reading experience

    A new reading experience

    Choose the reading mode that’s best for you: panel by panel using eazycomics, HD full-screen, or vertical scroll.

  • New adventures!

    New adventures!

    Read exclusive stories that are available only on izneo and are specifically designed for on-screen reading

Frequently asked questions

What can I access with izneo premium?

With izneo premium, you will have online and unlimited access to over 2,000 albums (out of 6000 on the website) You can access Comics, European comics, Webtoon and Graphic Novel. You can read these albums on izneo’s website or via the applications for Android and iOS.

How do I access the albums available in the subscription?

On izneo’s website:
  • Make sure that you are logged in with your subscriber account (the welcome menu will read “Subscription news.”
  • You’ll find the albums that are part of the subscription offer on the “izneo Premium” page, in the Premium catalog, or in your library under “Premium.”
  • You’ll also notice that the subscription albums’ individual description pages contain the text “Included in the izneo Premium subscription.”

Via izneo’s application for Android or iOS:
  • Make sure that you are logged in with your subscriber account (you should see a button that you can switch from “Subscription catalog” to “Entire catalog.”
  • You will then find the albums in “My space” or “Library,” then “Subscription.”
  • When the subscription switch is enabled, you will also be able to flip through the Latest news / Catalog / Search pages.

Via izneo’s application for Nintendo Switch:
  • Make sure that you are logged in with your subscriber account.
  • You will then find the albums in “Subscription.”
  • You’ll find all of the albums that are part of the subscription offer in the “Subscription” section.

How do I cancel my subscription?

On izneo’s website only:
  • Log in to your subscriber account.
  • Click on the profile icon.
  • Click on “My account.”
  • Click on “Subscriptions.”
  • Click on “Cancel my subscription.”