European Sci-Fi and Fantasy comics from Cinebook

European Sci-Fi and Fantasy comics from Cinebook

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Welcome to izneo, the digital service to read your comics!

izneo is Europe’s number one platform of digital comics with a catalog featuring publications from over 220 publishers and independent artists all over the world.

How to use your code:

Nothing could be easier than to read the comics you bought on Humble Bundle:
Create yourself an account  on izneo by clicking on the button below
Once registered, go to "Settings" (the nut on the top right) then click on "Payment methods"
In the "Promo Code" section, enter the code provided by Humble Bundle and validate it
All your comics are now available in your library! (the three-bar symbol at the top right of the screen)
All you have to do now is... read your comics!

If you want to enjoy our services on your phone, tablet or Switch download the izneo app on iOS, Android, or Nintendo Store and log in with the username and password you just created. Your comics will be waiting for you in your library.

Enjoy reading on izneo!
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