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V.1 - Deus Ex: Children's Crusade

Alex Irvine  & John Aggs

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( 5 Chapters )

Publisher's summary Titan Comics

WE ARE NOT OBSOLETE With society still reeling from the Aug incident – the event which caused millions of Augmented to attack their ‘natural’ counterparts – anti-Aug sentiment is at an all-time high. Now viewed as a threat to humanity, transhumans have been corralled into slum-like ghettos, leading to a rise in terrorist activity. In the city of Prague, Adam Jensen readies for his first mission with Task Force 29, an Interpol-funded counterterrorism unit. But being augmented himself how will the agent handle himself when faced with the grim reality of a mechanical apartheid? “Captures the distinct cyberpunk aesthetic of the games.” - IGN “Simply stunning.” – Flickering Myth “Makes for some great social commentary.” Outright Geekery

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Volume : 1 - Deus Ex - Volume 1 - Children's Crusade