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Regular Show

Shanna Mtauszak  & Kristina Ness  & Molly Knox Ostertag  & Kevin Panetta  & Hannah Ayoubi  & Derek Charm  & Derek Fridolfs  & Sara Goetter  & Ellen Kramer  & Alex Solis  & Tessa Stone  & Nick Sumida  & Theresa Zysk  & Andy Kluthe  & Hannah Blumenreich  & Yumi Sakugawa

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( 40 Volumes )

Publisher's summary KaBOOM!

From druids, to wi-fi demons, to the dreaded Melan Collie, it's adventure after all-new misadventure for Mordecai and Rigby. Starring fan-favorite characters like Skips and Benson, Eileen and Pops, this rad collection is jam-packed with fun for any Regular Show fan! This collection of Regular Show stories includes shorts never before seen outside of single comic issues! The stories span from 2014-2017, and feature work from Molly Ostertag, Kevin Panetta, Rian Sygh, Mad Rupert, Derek Fridolfs, and many more!

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Regular Show: Parks & Wreck