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Brother Nash

Bridgit Connell

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( 3 Chapters )

Publisher's summary Titan Comics

American Gods meets Preacher and Hellboy on the winding road to Sacramento. Nashoba – Nash to his friends – is a trucker. He also sees ghosts. But there are more terrifying things than ghosts roaming the highways of America at night – and Nash needs to survive them all to see the dawn! When Nash takes on a mysterious hitchhiker heading for Tuscon, he and his friends are dragged into their biggest, craziest and most dangerous adventure yet. Collects Brother Nash #1-3 “Brother Nash is urban fantasy done very well.” – Pullbox Reviews “Loaded with humor, mystery, horror, and a great sense of friendship and family. Fun, fresh, and well worth a look.” – Chuck’s Comic of the Day “Ambitious and imaginative. A debut covered in moonlight, magic and mayhem.” –Jason Latour (Southern Bastards, Spider-Gwen)

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Volume : 1 - Brother Nash - Volume 1