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V.1 - C.2 - Brother Nash

Bridgit Connell

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( 3 Chapters )

Publisher's summary Titan Comics

Nashoba is a trucker – call him Nash. But he’s also an ancient. Born of the Moon and imbued with the might of his celestial father. He is prone to fits of turning into a werewolf when that moon waxes full. Wolfman or not, he’s the being you always want by your side, holding the line against a world that’s stranger than you know, shepherding souls to freedom, and fighting against those ancients who would see the world come to harm, through negligence or evil. Nash’s best friend, Ray, is also a trucker, and a shaman, wielding magic and the power of the CB radio in equal measure. Picking up the hitchhiking Hernando on the road to Tuscon, Nash was pulled into the orbit of a human trafficking ring run by the mysterious Corneja Gang. Nash gave Hernando every opportunity to make the right choice, and turn from his dark path…but was forced to give in to the wolf when Hernando refused. Afterwards, Nash went to visit his old friend, Toko, and his horse-rearing granddaughter, Billie – but the shadow of the Corneja Boys, and their ancient enforcer, Ruben the Tarantula, fell across their farm. Barely defeating The Bogeyman, a walking hornet’s nest zombie, Nash and Billie escaped the Corneja Gang’s siege of the property – at the cost of Toko’s life. Now, their journey continues…

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Volume : 1 - Brother Nash - Volume 1 - Chapter 2