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V.1 - C.4 - The Mummy: Palimpsest

Peter Milligan  & Ronilson Freire  & Ming Seng  & Dijjo Lima

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( 5 Chapters )

Publisher's summary Titan Comics

Having escaped the clutches of the Sect of Anubis, Angel Kostenko has found an ally in Duncan Clarke, the youngest member of the Pyramid Club – sworn enemies of the Sect. Together they have set out to locate Nebetah’s sarcophagus in the hope that by destroying it they can halt the process of Palimpset, by which the soul of the Egyptian High Priestess, Nebetah will consume her mind. Meanwhile, the Sect of Anubis grow more desperate. Unless they can recapture Angel and finish the ceremony they will forfeit their souls to the demon dog Ammit, guardian of the Land of the Dead. In desperation both Angel and the Sect reach out for help from two very unusual and very ancient sources…

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Volume : 1 - The Mummy - Volume 1 - Palimpsest - Chapter 4