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V.1 - C.2 - Khaal

Louis  & Valentin Sécher  & Ivanka Hahnenberger  & Carroll Burrell

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( 4 Chapters )

Publisher's summary Titan Comics

In the depths of space, the emperor arises…In the bowels of the prison ship, Empyreon, the human warlord, Khaal, is celebrating his triumph over the challengers to his almighty power. To those who would see him dead, one more victory proves nothing. His enemies continue to circle, their plans only just coming to fruition…However, when a stranger reveals the truth about Khaal’s past, it seems their scheming could be unnecessary. With his supreme power no longer guaranteed, his plans to enslave the inhabitants of Empyreon are thrown into jeopardy!

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Volume : 1 - Khaal - Volume 1 - Chapter 2