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V.1 - C.3 - SIGNAL Saga

Dominic Bercier  & Craig S. Yeung

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( 4 Chapters )

Publisher's summary Mirror Comics Studios

Adam David III is late! On his first day of class, Adam is rushing off to Zero University astride Tyana PanGaea’s speed bike. She speeds furiously to the nearby school. There they meet her father, Professor Benm R.R. Codec III, who is late for class, as usual. Meanwhile Adam’s father, Jayaf, calls Adam in a panic, but there is no answer. Codec’s class passes by in a blur, something about ancient gods and the power – and responsibility – of humans. After class, Professor Codec tells Adam to stay away or not break his Tyana’s heart. Back at grandpa’s Zero City apartment, Adam checks the messages, only to realize that his mother’s submarine has gone off radar, and is missing. Meanwhile, Adam’s mother, Kiai David, has discovered an interesting formation on the ocean floor. She enters, never to be seen again… Months pass, and Adam and Tyana are in a burgeoning relationship. Adam emerges from Tyana’s room, alone, only to meet Codec in the dining room, reading his paper. Then, Adam gets the news… The search has been called off. Adam’s mother is declared dead. Adam falls to his knees in despair, and begins to suffer from a major panic attack. Codec drives Adam to meet the only man who can help… Dr. Wednesday Mercredi.

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Volume : 1 - Dr. Mercury