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V.1 - C.4 - SIGNAL Saga

Dominic Bercier  & Craig S. Yeung

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( 4 Chapters )

Publisher's summary Mirror Comics Studios

Adam David III travels back to the countryside where he attends his mother’s funeral in a local chapel. After the reception, his father, Jayaf David, driving, tells him not to worry about a dream that Adam is having about Satellite Intelligence Genetically and Neurologically Advanced Life, but his grandfather, Adam David Senior, in the passenger seat, is curious. As they are not saying any more, Adam does something radical, as he downs the entire bottle of pills that Dr. Mercury prescribed. Unable to make him throw up the large dose of medicine, Jayaf steps on the gas and rushes Adam to the hospital. Upon waking up a few days later, Adam encounters his girlfriend, Tyana PanGaea, who just knew that he would pull through. Adam recounts attending his own funeral, and having a vision of what he has to do with his life. Soon after, S.I.G.N.A.L. is born, a new post-grunge band with Adam David III on lead, playing his grandfather’s Deus Axe guitar, and Ash Beniir L.R. Codec, the genius behind all of the other sounds. They hit the Borealian concert circuit and soon the word spreads that Adam David Senior’s grandson is playing in their town. Adam, who is now more full of courage, cannot, one night, control what he doesn’t understand is happening to him, as he begins to generate electricity with his bare hands. Ash walks into a glowing hotel room, where Adam cries for help. Ash tries to assure him that all is well, despite the chaos stuff that binds them between light and dark. Ash can control his powers. Adam cannot. Finally, at a concert in Pacific City, Ash plays a trick on Adam, as they reach out to each other and barely touch, causing another electrical charge between them, and also causing the blackout of the venue, and indeed the entire Pacific grid. This phenomenon galvanizes S.I.G.N.A.L.’s rise.

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Volume : 1 - The Creation