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V.2 - Vagrant Queen

Magdalene Visaggio  & Jason Smith


Publisher's summary Vault Comics

Child-queen-turned-space-smuggler Elida Al Feyr has finally built something resembling a happy life. Then a mysterious stranger in an ancient white ship shows up to smash it all to bits. Meanwhile, Isaac is still stuck out there in space. THEY TOOK HER KINGDOM. SHE TOLD THEM TO KEEP IT. Everyone’s favorite deposed-child-queen-turned-marauder, Elida Al-feyr is back! And she’s finally managed to build a happy life...until a mysterious man in an ancient white ship shows up and takes it all away. And yes, the lone canuck in space is still out there, somewhere. Collects the complete five issue series.

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Volume : 2/2 - Vagrant Queen Vol. 2