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V.1 - World War X

Jerry Frissen  & Peter Snejbjerg  & Delphine Rieu  & Edward Gauvin

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( 4 Volumes )

Publisher's summary Titan Comics

The moon base, 2017. An ancient sarcophagus split open to release a terrifying alien creature! In the aftermath of the cataclysmic event, all communications have been cut off from Earth. Meanwhile back on the home planet, scientist Adesh Khan discovered that the sarcophagi found on Earth had been mis-interpreted; their markings were not in fact instructions, but a warning… a warning of terrible events now coming to pass as more of the sarcophagi unleashed their prisoners. The aliens have been here before, and now they’re out for vengeance. As the research base in Florida also went dark, a mysterious man named Helius prepared an assault force. His origins and age remain unknown, but he could be humanity’s only hope!

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Volume : 1 - World War X - Volume 1 - Chapter 2