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V.1 - C.1 - Black Shadow

Ezekiel Rage

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( 11 Chapters )

Publisher's summary Void Comics

A notorious serial killer known as Red Smile is slaughtering his way through California - for years he evades and even taunts the police with his riddles and codes, daring them to catch him before he kills his next victim. Brian Warner and his partner Marcus James Reed are the two cops trying to take Red Smile down. After years of failing to identify the killer, Brian comes up with a new plan. An online manhunt urges the entire country to join in with any information regarding the identity of Red Smile. But now a third party joins this dynamic: Black Shadow. This new player leads the L.A.P.D. to not only ask who Red Smile is, but also where Black Shadow comes from and what his part in this is. Collects Black Shadow #1-5

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Volume : 1/2 - Chapter One (Collection)