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Brandon Wilson  & Graig Weich


Publisher's summary Beyond Comics

As seen on AMC TV's Comic Book Men (Kevin Smith) & E! Entertainment Television's Ice Loves Coco (IceT & Coco):
(53 Pages, Including A Bonus: "Commemorative Behind The Scenes Looks")
Gekido ® (Wrath in Japanese), is an ageless warrior-assassin fighting throughout the centuries to discover who wiped his memory & why. Clad in protective body armor that harnesses his unlimited power, someone is trying to take control of him.
Gekido is from a secret cult of Japanese mysticism. His mission to uncover the lies that have manipulated and destroyed his life is only the beginning. 

He must fight his way through an ancient merciless Ninja Clan lead by his oldest nemesis, Lord Shinryu™ (starring Cary Tagawa; Shang Tsung of Mortal Kombat 11 & star of The Man In The High Castle on Amazon Prime TV) and The Goddess of seduction; Cleo ™ (starring Coco Austin from E! TV's Ice Loves Coco with Ice-T) in order to save mankind from an evil force to be unleashed hidden in the artifact of the Crown of 10,000 Suns. Lord Shinryu is bent on world domination.

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SNEAK PEEK: A preview of our other characters Code Name: Justice ®, Ravedactyl ®, Tricity ™, Quilt ™ and Sunder ™ are previewed as well in this comic; Gekido.

This Anime style comic also stars cameos of Adrianne Curry (winner of America's Next Top Model and Stan Lee's Super Fans) as Tricity, and Howard Stern show producer; Gary "Bababooey" Dell'abate (as the Ninja).


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