What is Heroes of the Void? You have come to the right place to answer this question. This preview comic shows you a few of our characters and what they are all about. Join Issa, who just happens to be a superhero herself, on a journey through the Void.


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C1 Heroes of the Void


Raven O'Hara is on the hunt for her father, a man who destroyed her life and took everything she ever had. And to get her revenge, she doesn't care if innocent bystanders get hurt. She leaves a trail of destruction in her wake, caused mostly by her rage driven recklessness. Which brings Black Shadow into her life, a masked vigilante on the hunt for the serial killer known only as Red Smile. Can Black Shadow stop her from her self destructive path of revenge or will she drag him into her dark world as well?

C2 Heroes of the Void


A young girl is missing. Captured by the Shadowclan, a secret organisation hellbent on creating a new world order by using alien technology. But the clan has been dismantled by the Monger, a group of people devoting their lives to finding alien artifacts and keeping them out of the hands of those that would use them to do harm. So it looks like their work is not done yet. The Monger sent their agent, a lone warrior, to get to the bottom of this mystery. Now, the Monger agent only has three days to find Joanna Reed.

C3 Heroes of the Void


Emilia DeSantos is what you would call a genius. She was an exceptional child, graduated college at age 17 and basically became rich over night by inventing a chip that is installed into a toilet, detecting signs of potential illness. She then invested in biomechanics and made billions. And then she got bored. She apparently got so bored that she decided to craft herself a superhero suit and become Chicago's very first superpowered costumed vigilante. And for a while that went very well. That is, of course, until the day she was killed....

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