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V.4 - MFKZ

Run  & Dan Christensen

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Publisher's summary Ankama

Dark Meat City is shaken by a series of ever-growing riots, which bear an increasing resemblance to a civil war: the resulting crackdown by the Section Z-7 is so brutal that the city’s worst gangs and rebellious citizens unite behind a common, demanding symbol: the color green. While fierce, pitched battles rage throughout the city, Angelino, Vinz, and Willy, the eternal losers, are reunited at last and decide to return to Povera Heights, Willy’s neighborhood, where he claims to have a huge stash of money hidden beneath the floorboards of the dump he calls a house. But the Macho invasion accelerates, and transforms Dark Meat City into a raging inferno that seems impossible to escape… incidentally unveiling Angelino’s terrifying abilities in the process! With the destruction of Dark Meat City, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, an invasion of giant insects, and Ezekiel’s Wheels, this penultimate volume of Mutafukaz is a nod to the biblical texts of Saint John, and an immense tribute to ad Inferno disaster movies.

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Volume : 4/5 - MFKZ - Volume 4