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V.1 - C.2 - Psypher

Ezekiel Rage

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( 12 Chapters )

Publisher's summary Void Comics

Five years ago, during a hunt that lasted for several weeks, the superhero known as Psypher finally confronted and battled the terrorist known as Living Nightmare. During this battle, the hero managed to distract and trap the Living Nightmare long enough for the police to unmask and arrest this madman. His real name was Mark Beauredin and he was a low level chemist at GL Motors. Psypher, however, got fatally injured during the battle and died right there on the spot of his last victory, after almost twenty years in service of the people of New Steed City. He was revealed to be Jonathan Spade, a small time physics teacher from Ohio and his heroic deeds awarded him a posthumous badge of honor. Five years later somebody has taken up the mantle of Psypher, giving the people of New Steede City hope that their city might be protected once more. And so far this new Psypher, whoever that may be, has fought some very tough battles, monsters and hordes of the undead. But the real question on everyone's mind is: Who is the new Psypher? Collects Psypher #6-10

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Volume : 1 - Ghosts and Nightmares (Collection)